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terms of service

Facility Terms of Use

Article 1 (Definition)

Unless otherwise specified, the terms used in these Terms shall be defined as follows.

(1) [Terms] This Terms of Use

(2) [Our company] Urabe Promotion Co., Ltd.


(4) [This service] A service centered on kickboxing provided at this gym operated by our company

(5) [Enrollment] Complete the enrollment procedure specified by our company

(6) [Member] Those who have enrolled in this service

(7) [Intellectual property rights, etc.] Industrial property rights such as patent rights, trademark rights, copyrights (including rights stipulated in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act)

         ) and other intellectual property rights and other rights

(8) [Confidential information] Personal information, customer information, company information, and all other information

(9) [Anti-social forces] Crime groups, gang members, persons who have not been a member of a gang for less than 5 years, quasi-members of gangs, violence


Article 2 (About this Terms of Use)

1. These terms apply to all members.

2. Members may not use the Gym or the Service without agreeing to these Terms.

3. Members of this service shall be deemed to have agreed to this agreement at the time of applying for membership or using this service.

4. The contents of this agreement are subject to change as necessary, and we will notify you of any changes by e-mail, posting on this site, or other means.

vinegar. Changes to the content of these Terms are subject to Article 548-4 of the Civil Code. Please refer to the latest terms of use when using.

5. In addition to these Terms, this service displays the usage method of this service and matters to be noted in this gym. this

shall also substantially form part of these Terms.

6. Please be sure to read this agreement before using this service.

7. These terms and conditions shall apply to standard transactions between the Company and members as standard terms and conditions.

Article 3 (Admission)

1. This gym is a membership system, and members are required to join before starting to use this service.

2. Application for membership shall be made by notifying the member of the password, name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc., and paying the membership fee, admission fee, etc., according to the method specified by the Company. False applications will not be accepted.

3. Enrollment will be deemed completed at the time the Company issues a notice of acceptance of enrollment after passing an enrollment screening based on the screening criteria separately established by the Company.

I will.

4. Applicants under the age of 18 must obtain the consent of a parent or legal representative.

5. If there is any change in the content applied for during the membership procedure, the member must change the member information in accordance with the method specified by the Company.

I don't. The Company shall not be held responsible for any disadvantages incurred by the member due to the failure to change.

6. The Company may not approve the membership if it determines that the Membership Applicant falls under any of the following.

(1) If the applicant does not meet the membership screening criteria set by the Company

(2) If the Applicant is an adult ward, person under curatorship, or person under assistance, and has not obtained the consent of a legal representative, assistant, or assistant.

(3) When there is a falsehood in the content of the membership application

(4) Other cases where the Company determines that it is not appropriate to approve membership.

7. The Company shall not be obligated to disclose the reason to the Membership Applicant or the Member in the event of the conduct of the preceding paragraph.

Article 4 (Digital membership card)

1. The Gym will issue a digital membership card to the member. At that time, we will take a picture of your face.

2. Members need a digital membership card to use the Service. In addition, if requested by the Gym, provide a digital membership card.

We are obliged to indicate

3. Members shall strictly manage their e-mail addresses and passwords on their own responsibility so as not to lose them.


4. Responsibility for actions taken using the digital membership card shall be deemed to be the responsibility of the member who holds the digital membership card, and the Company shall

 We shall not be held responsible.

5. In the unlikely event that your digital membership card is used without your permission, please contact us immediately.

Article 5 (Contents of this service, usage method, prohibited matters, etc.)

1. The Company will provide services centered on kickboxing at the Gym. We also offer personalized service

increase. The specific content and usage of this service shall be determined separately.

2. The Company shall provide the Service to Members at the Gym operated by the Company. Specially recognized by the Company, such as a visitor

In some cases, this service may be provided to non-members, but in that case, the rules of the member shall apply mutatis mutandis.

3. The Services provided to Visitors may be limited, such as Visitors may not be able to participate in regular class lessons. 4. If you want to receive personal training, you must purchase a personal ticket and make a reservation in advance. how to buy

Separately stipulated. Personal tickets can only be used by the member who purchased them.

5. If you want to cancel personal training, it will be until 18:00 the day before. Cancellation on the day is 1 as a cancellation fee

will be consumed.

6. If you are late for personal training, the lesson will be held within the reserved time.

7. Members shall use the Service in accordance with these Terms and in strict compliance with the Civil Code, Commercial Code, Personal Information Protection Law, Copyright Law and other laws and regulations.


8. Members assume all responsibility for using this service. When the Company specifically stipulates the use of services by members

We do not take any responsibility except for .

Article 6 (Business hours)

Business hours set by each facility. 

Article 7 (Holidays)

Days set by each facility, year-end and New Year holidays, summer holidays, facility inspections, maintenance and renovations, and days set by the Company are closed days.  

Article 8 (When this service cannot be used)

Members may not receive this service if any of the following conditions apply.

You shall be obliged to check the conditions before receiving the provision of this service and to report to that effect if applicable. If there is no declaration, it will be considered as not applicable.

(1) Patients with heart disease, infectious diseases, or those who are pregnant.

(2) Those who are receiving medical treatment and have some kind of disability.

(3) Persons with acute illnesses such as fever and injury.

(4) Persons who fall under other prohibited matters specified by the Company.

Article 9 (Prohibitions, etc.)

1. Members are prohibited from engaging in any of the following acts.

(1) Acts that violate these Terms

(2) gratuities for our employees

(3) The act of becoming shirtless

(4) Acts that make tattoos visible to other members

(5) Resale of personal tickets

(6) Failure to pay admission fees, membership fees, etc.

(7) False statements or false declarations

(8) Acts of using this service while suffering from a disease that may be contagious or infective to others, such as an infectious disease

(9) Acts that do not follow reasonable instructions and guidance of this gym

(10) Acts beyond skill and dangerous acts

(11) Guidance to other members for compensation without prior written consent

(12) Violence or other acts that violate or may violate laws and regulations

(13) Slander or other acts that infringe or encourage infringement of third party rights

(14) Acts of soliciting other members

(15) Smoking inside the building

(16) Acts contrary to public order and morals

(17) Acts of use by members involved in anti-social forces

(18) Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

2. If the Company finds that a member has engaged in any of the prohibited acts set forth in the preceding paragraph, or if the Company determines that such prohibited acts apply,

 The Company may, at its discretion, suspend or discontinue the provision of this service to members, cancel membership registration, etc.

vinegar. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by the member due to this.

Article 10 (Suspension, Expulsion, Loss of Qualification)

1. If a member engages in a prohibited act stipulated in these Terms, or if the Company determines that such prohibited act applies, the Company may, at its discretion, suspend or suspend the provision of the Service to the member. Cancellation, suspension of membership, expulsion

We shall be able to. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by the member due to this.

2. In the case set forth in the preceding paragraph, if the Company suffers any damage, the member must compensate the Company for the damage.

I assume that.

3. Members will lose their membership when they withdraw from membership, are expelled, or are declared dead or missing. If a member loses eligibility, the member

If you have a card or other items lent by this gym, please return them promptly.

Article 11 (admission fee and membership fee, etc.)

1. When using this service, the member shall pay the admission fee and membership fee (including recess fees and various expenses) separately determined by the Company.

You must pay in accordance with

2. Membership fees will be charged even if you do not use this service, except in the case of recess.

3. Under no circumstances shall the Company be obligated to refund the admission fee or membership fee once paid.

4. The Company may change the admission fee and membership fee by posting it in the Gym and notifying it on the website of the Gym at least one month in advance.

We shall be able to.

Article 12 (Trial Lesson)

1. This service may offer trial lessons.

2. A separate trial lesson fee will be charged for trial lessons.

Article 13 (Adjournment)

1. The member shall submit a prescribed suspension notice to the gym by the deadline specified by the Company (the 10th day of the month) and pay the suspension fee.Closed from next monthcan.

2. rest¥2,000/month(tax included).

3.When you submit a notice of absence from school, please fill in the return month.You will automatically return from the return month and pay the regular monthly membership fee.

4. Member personal tickets cannot be used during recess. However, personalWe are accepting ticket extensions.

Article 14 (Withdrawal)

1. Members may withdraw by the end of the month by submitting a prescribed withdrawal notice to the Gym by the deadline set by the Company (the 10th day of the month).

  Verbal cancellations, such as over the phone, will not be accepted.

2. As long as the gym does not receive a notice of withdrawal, the membership fee payment obligation will occur.

3. Member Personal Tickets cannot be used after withdrawal. Please use it within the membership period.

Article 15 (Automatic withdrawal)

If a member fails to pay membership fees for three consecutive months, the Company may treat the member as withdrawn.

However, this does not mean that you will be exempted from the obligation to pay the delinquent membership fee.

Article 16 (Temporary closure, interruption/suspension of service, change of contents, termination)

1. As a general rule, the Gym will be closed on the days listed on the attached sheet as regular holidays and seasonal holidays. In addition to regular holidays and seasonal holidays, various facilities

 The gym may be closed due to facility repairs, venue maintenance, and other circumstances of the gym. As a general rule, we will inform you about the suspension of business.

will be posted in the building at least two weeks in advance. However, in the event of an emergency, such as when emergency construction is required from the perspective of facility safety management,

In such cases, some or all facilities may be closed without prior notice.

2. The Company shall not install equipment necessary for the operation of the Service, maintain the system, or otherwise determine that it is necessary due to force majeure such as natural disasters.

In the event of such termination, the Service may be temporarily suspended or suspended without prior notice or consent from the Member.

3. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to the member in the event of this article. However, all services will be permanently terminated.

 If you have terminated the service, we will refund the fee if you have received payment for this service after the termination.

Article 17 (Disclaimer)

1. The Company does not guarantee that the use of the Service will produce any particular effect on the Member.

2. The Company shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the Member himself/herself while using the facilities of the Gym (including theft, injury or other accidents occurring while using the facilities).

nothing. ), unless there is intentional or negligence on our part, we will not be responsible for such damage.

3. The Company shall not be held responsible for any problems arising between members or between a member and a third party in relation to the Service.

4. The Company shall not be liable for damages caused by natural disasters or other causes not attributable to the Company, or damages arising from special circumstances, whether foreseen or not by the Company.

 We shall not be liable for any indirect damages, including damages and lost profits.

5. The Company shall not be held responsible for any items left, left unattended, or lost by members.

6. The Company will dispose of any items left unattended at the location where the Service is provided, assuming that the property rights have been abandoned. In addition,

 We shall not be held responsible for any minutes.

Article 18 (Intellectual property rights, etc.)

Intellectual property rights, etc. related to this gym and this service belong to our company. Members shall use this service in accordance with the method of use so as not to infringe the rights of other members, the Company, or other third parties.

Article 19 (Confidentiality)

The Company and the member shall handle confidential information disclosed or provided by the other party regarding the use of this service with the care of a prudent manager, and shall not use it for purposes other than the purpose of this service without obtaining the prior written consent of the other party. or shall not be disclosed or provided to a third party.

Article 20 (Collection, analysis and handling of information on members)

1. The Company shall use membership information, terminal information, and other member information in a format that does not identify individuals for information distribution, statistics,

We may use it for other services or to provide it to third parties.

2. In order to understand the usage status of this service, we use information collection modules such as cookies to collect usage information of this service.

to collect information. For these information collection modules, please refer to the terms of use and privacy policy of each provider.


3. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damage caused by the use of information gathering modules such as cookies.

Article 21 (Exclusion of Antisocial Forces)

1. The Company and the member shall represent and warrant that none of the following items applies now and in the future.

(1) Becoming an anti-social force

(2) Having a relationship where anti-social forces are recognized to control management

(3) Having a relationship in which anti-social forces are deemed to be substantially involved in management

(4) Improper use of anti-social forces, such as for the purpose of gaining unfair profits for oneself or a third party, or for the purpose of inflicting damage on a third party.

  Having a relationship that is deemed to be  

(5) Having a relationship that is recognized as being involved in providing funds, etc., or providing convenience to anti-social forces

(6) An officer or a person who is substantially involved in management has a socially reprehensible relationship with an anti-social force

(7) Violent demands, threatening words and deeds, unreasonable demands beyond legal responsibility, dissemination of rumors, fraudulent means, power, etc.


2. If the other party violates the representations and warranties set forth in the preceding paragraph and is found to fall under any of the items in the preceding paragraph, the Company or the member shall immediately terminate all contracts related to this service without making any demands. It is possible to cancel and claim compensation for damages suffered.

Article 22 (Transfer of rights and status, etc.)

Members may not transfer, sublease, pledge collateral, or otherwise dispose of any rights, obligations, or status related to the Service without the consent of the Company.

Article 23 (Resolution by consultation)

In the event of any doubt regarding matters not stipulated in this agreement or the interpretation of this agreement, the Company and the member shall promptly resolve the matter through mutual consultation in accordance with the principle of good faith.

Article 24 (Jurisdictional Court)

Any litigation between the Company and a member shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the district court or summary court having jurisdiction over the location of the Company's head office in the first instance.

Article 25 (Governing Law)

The interpretation of these Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

Establishment of rules: November 1, 2020

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